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National fight against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

February 21, 2014


Key role for La Trobe in new Government Research Centres of Excellence The Federal Government has awarded $8m to three La Trobe University scientists for leading-edge research into next-generation immunological and plant-based therapies for cancer and other diseases. Research groups led by physicists Dr Brian Abbey and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Keith Nugent, and by […]

Weed research offers insight into Alzheimer’s disease

November 23, 2013


Scientists have discovered in the common weed thale cress a new substance with an important link to human brain chemistry responsible for turning off plaque formation in Alzheimer’s disease. The research has just been published in the top US journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science). It was carried out by an international […]

MP3 players music to the ears of dementia carers

September 20, 2013


She sits by the window in a blue rubber chair They’ve wiped her lips, they’ve tied back her hair Here comes the thunder, here comes the rain Danny boy’s calling her She’s singing again … (Lyrics Classroom and Kitchens: Mark Seymour and Mushroom Records) It’s fairly widely known that people living with dementia can be helped by […]