New method for detecting early signs of autism goes global

February 20, 2014


In a breakthrough technique  embraced across the world, La Trobe psychologist Dr Josephine Barbaro has determined a way to diagnose autism in babies as young as 12 months. She has developed an accurate set of ‘red flag’ markers of the condition, which include a failure by babies to make consistent eye contact, to smile, show […]

Survey adds 30 new species to Antarctic marine life

February 19, 2014


More than thirty new species of Antarctic marine life have been been discovered by a seven-nation scientific team that included La Trobe University Geneticist Dr Jan Strugnell.  The species, so far still unclassified, were found in the Amundsen Sea off Pine Island Bay, one of the least explored areas of the Southern Ocean. Dr Strugnell […]

Call for new approach to combat animal hoarding

February 18, 2014


Animal hoarding in Australia is a tragedy for the animals involved, with more than 70 per cent of rescued animals having to be euthanised. It is also a significant welfare issue for hoarders, many of whom have serious mental health problems – and can impact on neighbours and the wider community. A new study, the first […]

Farewell to early mature-age student and benefactor

February 7, 2014


The 1970s were a formative decade at La Trobe University – a new era of educational opportunity and belief that student activism could create a better world. Into that heady mix stepped Iris Manton.  A grandmother  and one of La Trobe’s earliest mature-aged students, she went on to become a life-long friend of the University […]

Homophobia: when sport is not a level playing field

January 30, 2014


With Australians’ love of all things sport, it’s an activity that can be a great leveller or agent for social change. But this is not always how things play out. Sexism, racism and bullying can occur in any number of sporting codes and change rooms. One area of discrimination that tends to receive less attention […]

Born to breastfeed – but why is it still so painful?

January 23, 2014


There has been little progress for women initiating breast-feeding during the past six decades, a new study by La Trobe University has found. Researchers Miranda Buck and Lisa Amir say their results reveal ‘a great need to help Australia’s breastfeeding women – and in doing so, invest in the health of the next generation’. More […]

A spiritual snapshot of Australia

January 15, 2014


Australians find it hard to talk about spiritual matters because ‘they fear being stigmatised or categorised as a a lunatic fringe,’ says La Trobe University author and specialist in religious and literary studies, David Tacey. ‘We are such a radically secular culture, so materialist, that to talk about the transcendent is almost un-Australian,’ says Professor […]