How to Successfully Cash Out From the Bitcoin Casinos?

April 22, 2022 0 Comments

Bitcoin is becoming a more popular way of payment for online gambling. Bitcoin is becoming a popular withdrawal option for online casinos. Simultaneously, an increasing number of casino websites are using cryptocurrencies. The rise of the best bitcoin casino has allowed many more people to join online casino betting since Bitcoin is their primary currency. Real cash-free bitcoin casino games are really popular right now. Some top bitcoin casinos Canada sites where you can gamble anytime include:

  • Green spin casino
  • King Belly
  • Fortune Jack
  • Red Dog
  • Ignitor

It is however very important to note that not all online casinos using bitcoins are legitimate. Some are scams set there to defraud you of your money. 

Selecting a suitable online casino

The very first tip towards cashing out in crypto casinos is to ensure you are not scammed. Do your research and observe to select one of the best bitcoin casinos to wager your money for some real money wins.

At cryptocurrency-friendly gambling sites, bitcoins can be withdrawn as cash. Here’s a step-by-step guide on withdrawing money from a bitcoin online casinos site:

  1. Log in to your account at the casino

Always recall your passwords and always avoid saving the bitcoin password in the same place as your Canada bitcoin casino account password. 

  1. Go to the cashier’s section

This is a section that allows you to choose what you would like to do with your returns. You can choose to continue wagering, or you can choose to withdraw and cash out. 

  1. Choose bitcoin as your method of withdrawal

Most of the best bitcoin casino Canada sites offer multiple payment methods so that clients can choose. Bitcoin casinos offer only the bitcoin option for making payments hence in this section, you will be selecting the wallet you use for your bitcoins. 

  1. Define the amount you’d like to take out

Clearly stipulate and confirm the amount of money you want to withdraw. Most of the top bitcoin casino Canada sites have a minimum balance that must be left in your account. 

  1. Enter the number of your public wallet

Ensure you are using a secure and self-owned device and secured internet connection when choosing an ewallet. 

  1. Your prizes will be available within 24 hours, and in certain cases, even sooner

The payout time for most online casinos is between 24-72 hours. While this varies due to the payment method used, bitcoin is quite fast and takes mostly 24 hours.

  1. On their websites, the best bitcoin casino gambling sites disclose the waiting time

The final step is taking your bitcoins from your wallet and exchanging them for real money and depositing it in your bank account. Some select banks have allowed their clients to transfer cash to bitcoins and bitcoins to cash directly.

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