Highest Payout Slot Machines: How to Find Slots with the Highest RTP

September 23, 2021 0 Comments

RTP can be well-defined as the number of wins divided by the amount wagered from the game and the closer the player is to 100{15fa2dbbb7f6ded8f756c7727f494eedf8510cd2c1d77b3092e0017d8d8b4b0f}, the more the player wins back. When it comes to slots it can be defined as payout ratio. Below is an overview of the highest RTP slots available in online casinos and the factors that contributed to a high payout.

Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick)

This is an online casino reel with 25 pay line slots, a pirate theme that takes the player back to the early seafaring exploration years, with unique graphics which seem to attract lots of gamblers to the slot. It also has the free spins feature where the player can start up to 50 free spins which encourages the player of wallet security since the free spins come with a retrigger to play till 100 plays. With how variance game offers the slots have made it gain popularity among players thus a high RTP.

Mega Joker 

A slot offered by NetEnt technology with 99{15fa2dbbb7f6ded8f756c7727f494eedf8510cd2c1d77b3092e0017d8d8b4b0f} RTP is unbeatable when the player bets the maximum coin amount. The game offers 3 reels, themed like the 1960s slot machine which is unique especially in the online gaming industry. If the player wins the game, they can either collect their winnings or transfer them to the Supermeter bonus slot and as a disclaimer, it offers a jackpot feature too.

Marching Legions 

A slot offered by Relax Gaming tech, it is a 5 reel slot with 234 winning strategies. Themed of the Roman Legion, it also has a wonderful graphical title that comes with stacks of legionnaire graphics that offer the player re-spins. The slot mainly has three reasons that make it impossible to have high payouts, they include:

  • The game is offered by highly reputable casinos.
  • It has exclusive slot releases.
  • Offers more promos as compared to other slots.

White Rabbit Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

White Rabbit Megaways is a big-time game since it has a 97.77{15fa2dbbb7f6ded8f756c7727f494eedf8510cd2c1d77b3092e0017d8d8b4b0f} payout ratio. It is an Alice in Wonderland-themed slot that comes with a Caterpillar wild feature in which the player can win a bonus with multipliers. Being a classic slot that first launched in 1997 most players considered online gaming when they had access to it, which was a plus since it was offered by high-end online casinos reserved for VIP gamblers thus encouraging the players to want the rank and most of all its availability contributed to the games’ high payout ratio since it is offered by both the IOS and Android operating mobile phones.

The slot offers a free spins feature and 17,420 times stakes per spin.

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