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Survey adds 30 new species to Antarctic marine life

February 19, 2014


More than thirty new species of Antarctic marine life have been been discovered by a seven-nation scientific team that included La Trobe University Geneticist Dr Jan Strugnell.  The species, so far still unclassified, were found in the Amundsen Sea off Pine Island Bay, one of the least explored areas of the Southern Ocean. Dr Strugnell […]

New insect species found in Bundoora and Gippsland

March 25, 2013


La Trobe University researcher Dr Martin Steinbauer and PhD student Mr Kevin Farnier have discovered two new species of native psyllid, tiny insects that feed on eucalyptus leaves. One of these species was found on River red gums growing on the La Trobe University Bundoora campus, and has been named Anoeconeossa bundoorensis in recognition of […]

Big surprise in giant squid research

March 20, 2013


A new international study involving La Trobe University geneticist Dr Jan Strugnell has come up with a surprise finding: there may well be just one species of giant squid, rather than the 21 previously described species. ‘What we found was totally unexpected – the data suggests that the Giant Squid is likely to be one […]

Healthy wallaby mums show bias for boys

January 15, 2013


 A new study by a La Trobe University scientist has found that Tammar Wallabies are displaying sexual bias in milk composition and ‘invest’ more in their sons than daughters. ‘We have found that sons are allocated more protein than daughters early in lactation and this has lasting effects on growth and body size into adulthood,’ […]