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Cool science, a million times brighter than the sun

August 28, 2013


La Trobe offers real-time remote Synchrotron access for Victorian secondary schools La Trobe University is providing Victorian secondary school students with remote access to one of the nation’s largest and most expensive science facilities, the Australian Synchrotron, so they can conduct their own experiments. About 60 students from Parade College in Bundoora, William Ruthven Secondary […]

Boost to 3D imaging challenges global big league

August 13, 2013


New technique may help unravel mystery of ‘Pandora’ virus Developments in X-ray imaging led by La Trobe University scientists are now able to provide 3D views of the inside of a biological cell. Three-dimensional images of the malaria parasite inside a human red blood cell were published in July in the Scientific Reports of the […]

Global warming – Lessons from the Second Law of Thermodynamics

September 5, 2011


Every physical and biological process is a ‘heat-engine’ of sorts: The maximum efficiency of a heat-engine is determined solely by the initial and final temperatures of the heat.  This is another way of looking at the Second Law of Thermodynamics, says Jennifer Coopersmith, physicist and author. Our atmosphere, rivers, lakes and seas, ‘the very Earth […]