La Trobe adds new courses to iTunesU

Posted on September 5, 2011


More than two million University podcasts already downloaded :

Five La Trobe University subjects are now available free of charge to anyone wishing to download through the University’s growing presence at La Trobe on iTunesU.

The subjects are from courses including History of Children’s Literature, Web Publishing for Journalists and Australian Environmental History.

The podcasted lectures and materials are updated every week and include audio, lecturing slides and videos. ‘La Trobe University continues to explore exciting new possibilities in the online community,’ says Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor John Rosenberg.

‘By making lectures available to all we are contributing  to a truly global conversation and sharing the knowledge of our academics with a wider audience.’
 The University had its 2 millionth podcast downloaded mid year and topics are proving to be very popular with global audiences.  About 30 per cent of these are from Asia, especially China.

Lecturer in Literacy Education, David Beagley, is providing three courses for free on iTunes U:  History of Children’s Literature (1st year), Genres in Children’s Literature (1st year) and ‘Postcolonial Literature for Children’ (3rd year).

Immense richness and variety

‘Despite it being such a huge market and powerful teaching tool, children’s literature gets very little academic attention,’ he says.  ‘It is rarely considered as ‘real’ literature the way adult texts are. Putting my lectures up might open someone’s eyes somewhere to the immense richness and variety of children’s texts and make them think.’

Also online is Web Publishing for Journalists, a subject taught by Dr Christopher Scanlon, which helps student journalists with basic tools of the trade, such as web design and graphics, HTML coding and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

There is also an Australian Environmental History’course by Professor Richard Broome and Associate Professor Katie Holmes, which looks at Australia’s early geological history and how competing ideas of land use since then have shaped and changed the environment.

Try one of La Trobe University’s iTunesU subjects:

History of Children’s Literature (1st year)
Genres in Children’s Literature (1st year)
Postcolonial Literature for Children (3rd year)
Web Publishing for Journalists (2nd/3rd year)
Australian Environmental History (2nd/3rd year)

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