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Taking back control – 12 year study of path to better Aboriginal health

March 20, 2014


Australia has tried for almost a decade to ‘close the gap’. Yet Aboriginal Australians still suffer more than double the disease burden of the total population – with most health problems caused by preventable chronic disease. A new book not only again brings this disturbing state of affairs into sharp focus – but also aims […]

New method for detecting early signs of autism goes global

February 20, 2014


In a breakthrough technique  embraced across the world, La Trobe psychologist Dr Josephine Barbaro has determined a way to diagnose autism in babies as young as 12 months. She has developed an accurate set of ‘red flag’ markers of the condition, which include a failure by babies to make consistent eye contact, to smile, show […]

Homophobia: when sport is not a level playing field

January 30, 2014


With Australians’ love of all things sport, it’s an activity that can be a great leveller or agent for social change. But this is not always how things play out. Sexism, racism and bullying can occur in any number of sporting codes and change rooms. One area of discrimination that tends to receive less attention […]

Major gift to study challenges of modern parenting

December 4, 2013


La Trobe University has received a philanthropic gift of $3.2 million dollars over five years to fund an innovative new research program on the challenges of modern day parenting. The program was launched in November by Natasha Stott Despoja, Deputy Chair, beyondblue and Chair of the Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children. The […]

Developing ‘sniffer’ bugs and pig face to save our soils

December 4, 2013


In our increasingly industrialised world good farmland is fast becoming a limited resource.  To help remedy that, La Trobe scientists are harnessing two of nature’s most common life forms – bacteria and plants – to track down toxic contamination and clean up the soils we have polluted. Lara Bereza-Malcolm is training harmless bacteria as ‘sniffer […]

Australia’s Pharmacy Student of the Year winner

October 15, 2013


La Trobe University’s Rebecca Boschert is Australia’s top pharmacy student. In a first for both the University – and for Victoria – Ms Boschert won the national Pharmacy Student of the Year contest held at the Pharmacy Australia Congress in Brisbane in October. Not only did she impress the judges to beat her seven interstate […]

MP3 players music to the ears of dementia carers

September 20, 2013


She sits by the window in a blue rubber chair They’ve wiped her lips, they’ve tied back her hair Here comes the thunder, here comes the rain Danny boy’s calling her She’s singing again … (Lyrics Classroom and Kitchens: Mark Seymour and Mushroom Records) It’s fairly widely known that people living with dementia can be helped by […]

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