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Homophobia: when sport is not a level playing field

January 30, 2014


With Australians’ love of all things sport, it’s an activity that can be a great leveller or agent for social change. But this is not always how things play out. Sexism, racism and bullying can occur in any number of sporting codes and change rooms. One area of discrimination that tends to receive less attention […]

Born to breastfeed – but why is it still so painful?

January 23, 2014


There has been little progress for women initiating breast-feeding during the past six decades, a new study by La Trobe University has found. Researchers Miranda Buck and Lisa Amir say their results reveal ‘a great need to help Australia’s breastfeeding women – and in doing so, invest in the health of the next generation’. More […]

Dental students get a taste of surgery in the outback

November 8, 2013


The tiny, remote town of Robinvale in North-west Victoria is a long way from     La Trobe University’s Bendigo-based Dental School. But for some final year dentistry students it played a significant role in their practical education when they took part in the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s (RFDS) mobile dental care program. Fifth-year La Trobe […]

Parkinson’s disease: researching healing effects of dance therapy

November 6, 2013


Imagine having only scattergun control over your body’s movements and living with the constant uncertainty that at any moment your leg might freeze or your hand begin to shake uncontrollably? This is the reality for many afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. Across the globe, more than seven million people live with the condition – 100,000 Australians […]

MP3 players music to the ears of dementia carers

September 20, 2013


She sits by the window in a blue rubber chair They’ve wiped her lips, they’ve tied back her hair Here comes the thunder, here comes the rain Danny boy’s calling her She’s singing again … (Lyrics Classroom and Kitchens: Mark Seymour and Mushroom Records) It’s fairly widely known that people living with dementia can be helped by […]

Giving people a bigger say in rural health care

September 17, 2013


A radical ‘grass roots’ approach for providing health care to rural Australia is being pioneered in a new La Trobe University research project valued at almost a million dollars. Based on an award-winning community participation model in Scotland, it aims to turn on its head existing methods of planning and designing health services. Head of […]

Career change: scholarships can make all the difference

August 27, 2013


From mining to medical engineering While many young people  headed west for work and big pay packets in Australia’s mining sector, Hannah Ozturk  travelled in the opposite direction. She moved from Perth to Melbourne, leaving a job in mining during the minerals boom for a new career in prosthetics and orthotics to help people get […]

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